Monday, March 22, 2004

I'm new to this, so forgive me...i may tend to be a little...ditzy.
I'm in a place so hot, so tight, so...claustrophobic this must be how it feels like when you're inside another breathing human being. except that you're a fully grown creature, too, with perfectly-functioning limbs and a mind that craves for the great outdoors...
well, i had a mind that did crave for that...wasn't that the reason why i left my office space a month ago? ah, my cubicle! my own little space in the world! i've always had a mind that craved for the great i shifted gears. now i'm in the "great outdoors"...and it's friggin' hot!
i'm in love! i think i am. with a dream. a dream that so many other dreamers have. but i keep dreaming, anyway, so what. you wanna be a director, honey? take a number. sit right next to...uhm, let's see...that big fat guy over there with the artsy-fartsy look and the dreadlocks...he wants to be a professional film director, too. and he's been waiting in line for the entirety of his 20s (he's turning 30 a month and a monkey's breath from now), so good luck to him, and to you, too.
okay, that's one thing to tackle for the rest of my life, how about now? let's focus on one boytoy at a time, to lighten things up, to make things a little rosy, to divert our attention from our one great love. friendster is a gift from the brilliant lord, i got to find my current "kinatutuwaan" through it...and guess what? there's probably a belle in his life. she-et. i wonder if that same belle is, indeed, the belle of his present life.
million-euro question: what is her relationship to you?