Wednesday, March 11, 2015


throwing this wish out there.

i wish, matapos ko na ang ginagawa kong script ngayon.

i wish, matapos ko na ang lahat ng dapat kong gawing scripts within today, march 11.

i wish, matapos ko na lahat ng obligasyon ko within today, march 11.

i wish, Lord. I pray. dahil sa ngayon, i really really need the universe to work with me. I really, really need Your help Lord God.

alam ko, matutulungan nyo ako. please Lord, help me. I need to finish everything today.

cul de sac?

there must be a hole in the wall. either i have to drill it, or climb up to the top. basta dapat, makaalis ako sa letseng cul de sac na 'to.

motivation. dati, ano? fame? glory? advancement? a pat on the back?

ngayon, di na nagwowork yon sa akin. di  ko alam kung bakit.

money. money, money.

kulang pa. kulang.

so thats the reason why i need to haul myself out of this cul de sac. because there's money on the other side of the wall.

drill it, bitch.