Thursday, September 20, 2012

Byenan's Recipe Series: CHICKEN SOPAS A LA ANNIE

I'm not the housewife kind of wife. My expertise is directed at other things, not at making or keeping the home. Thank God that we live at my mother-in-law's, and that she takes charge of the kitchen. Thank God for the blessing that is my mother-in-law! :-)

For now I'm safe, I have escaped the pressure of having to cook for my family, but I know I will have to face that "duty" someday eventually. And when that time comes I wouldn't want to disappoint my husband with my cooking, so I've begun to snoop around my mother-in-law's kitchen and take note of how she cooks her stuff.

Recipe for the day:

- elbow macaroni
- pounded garlic
- diced onions
- chicken breast and thigh
- diced eggs
- cheese
- evaporated milk
- carrot strips
- chopped cabbage
- fish sauce (patis)
- ground pepper
- butter

- boil chicken in water til cooked. set aside the water for later (as chicken broth).
- boil elbow macaroni in water til cooked.
- when boiled chicken cools, himayin into thin strips.
- sautee garlic, onions, and chicken strips in butter. then mix with chicken broth. set to a boil, keep fire low.
- while boiling, season with pepper and patis. add cheese. stir until the cheese has melted into the soup.
- add cooked  macaroni. stir.
- add pounded eggs and evaporated milk. stir for a few minutes.
- add carrot strips and chopped cabbage. stir until vegetables are cooked.
- add additional seasoning to taste.

I know the basics of cooking sopas, but the difference of the sopas i know with Mommy's sopas are the additional ingredients of cheese, diced eggs, and butter. My father also cooks a mean diet-breaker of a sopas recipe, so I'm marrying the two recipes with the following additional ingredients:

- quail eggs and thinly-sliced hotdogs (add last)
- chicken liver, heart, balun-balunan (sautee with the chicken, onion and garlic)

And for extra flavor, Papa adds the bones of the boiled chicken into the soup para sumama yung lasa nung bones sa sopas.

So there. sana mapangatawanan ko ang Byenen Recipe series kong ito. hehe. Yumyumyum! <3

Saturday, September 01, 2012

this blog needs updating...

and so here i am. we're now on "-Ber" season. sigh. and yesterday 2012 was just a happy new year. the priest show done two months ago,  currently dabbling in a weekly night kid's show, assisting (in what little way i can) in a currently airing blockbuster show, except for that schedule's a bit light, and i thank god for the rest. peor gusto ko na ng sweldo tulad nung sweldo ko pag may soap. sana lang pag dumating na uli ang soap hindi naman sobrang stressful! less stress+more moolah+personal fulfillment is my idea of career success. sa ngayon. haha!

2012 is groundbreaking for me, personally. dahil marami akong steps na sinimulan this year that would matter in the long term. started investing in mutual funds this year. finally dove in at pumasok sa isang 5-year TD account na matagal ko na ring sinisipat-sipat. started taking my cat breeding business seriously (first time kong naginvest talaga ng pera dito--lost money when a persian that i bought died, pero di ako sumuko, ngayon may dalawang siamese and 1 persian breeder ako, pero di ko pa mababawi ang capital til next year at the earliest).

sana ang 2013, simula ng pag-reap ko ng tinanim ko this 2012. sana yung cat breeding business ko sobrang maging financially rewarding. sana lahat ng mga itinanim ko maging prosperous over the years. thank you lord. trying to pay everything forward.