Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Whiff of the Whirlwind, A Day in the Life

june. always the busiest time of the year.
but this year, it's extra busy. because of the cookies.
i love making cookies. i can make cookies til kingdom come.
every order gets me excited. because very order is a new design, a new challenge. when it comes to making these cookies, i love challenges.

so here's a day in my life.

1AM: went to sleep
3AM: woke up. finished sequence treatment of Week 4 til 7am.
8AM: went down to the kitchen to finish the cookie order for the day. deadline was to be 5 pm.
all afternoon: finished the cookies
6 PM: rested, surfed, ate, breathed for a moment.
9 PM: back in the kitchen for cookie order #2.
3 AM: went to bed

today my day I just switched between making cookies and writing for work all day and all evening. there's a cookie order for 100 pieces on June 12th, and I'll be away for the next 3 days, so I would have to make these cookies in advance if we are to meet our cookie deadline (at hindi pwedeng hindi, dahil nagbayad na).  so, now, dapat nageempake na ko for the 3-day out of town work thingie. dapat tinatapos ko na ang powerpoint presentations (nakakaisa outt of 3 pa lang ako).  dapat nagkocontinue ako sa cookies ko, but what am I doing? writing here. clap, clap. excellent time management.

well, huminga lang naman. and thought i'd immortalize these buhawi days, because these are not very ordinary times.

that's not to say theyre not happy times. i have a lot to thank god for. thank you Lord. achieve ko 'to! kaya ko 'to! with Your help and guidance. Kakayanin ng powers ko!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rainy night

I've been depressed these past few days. Kinda bone-deep depressed, up until this morning, before leaving for work.

Thankfully, I felt better when I got home this afternoon. My mother's prayers worked. i always ask my mother to pray for me whenever I need divine help. Feeling ko kasi, mas malakas sya kay Lord.

Rainy night. feel-good. I've always loved rain. Rain always makes me think of love. The cozy, take-my-breath-away romantic kind. 14 years old pa lang ako, ganoon na ang feeling ko, and I don't know where that came from.

Baka sa past life, or something.

deadlines. Treatment on Friday. Cookie order on Friday. Cookie order on Saturday. Cookie deadline on Monday. Powerpoint presentation pa rin.

Busy, busy.

i fantasize about it a whole lot lately. being a cookie magnate. a pastry magnate. someday. soon.