Wednesday, March 26, 2008

back for a moment

i missed blogging. it would probably take me an entire day( or two) to relate the happy/not-so-happy/between-happy-and-unhappy events of my past several weeks pero eto na muna for now.

stole this sarbey from maryrosie :-)

four jobs i've had in my life:
creative assistant, script supervisor, TV writer, assistant director

four movies i could watch over and over:
the usual suspects, in the mood for love, 2046, days of being wild

four places i have lived:
marikina, quezon city, san mateo, guadalupe

four TV shows i love to watch:
gknb, simpsons, discovery channel

four websites i visit daily:
yahoomail, blogs, multiply, friendster

four of my favorite foods:
sinigang na baboy, kfc fried chicken, grilled spare ribs, nilagang bulalo

four places i would rather be right now:
bolinao, baguio, france, palawan

four traits i most deplore in others:
power-tripping, condescension, arrogance, rudeness

four traits i most deplore in myself:
neurotic, insensitive, stubborn, intense

four words or phrases i overuse:
"ganon?", okay (kahit hindi), kalokey, hala

four people who have made a difference in my life:
my mom, my dad, joseph, and keanu reeves (seriously)

four things i most value in my friends:
reliable, honest, fun, patient

four things i'd like to learn:
to drive. to be easygoing at work. to mask my feelings successfully. to market myself smoothly.

four people i'm tagging:
pag binasa mo 'to, tagged ka

day 21 of 26 days for project silly coming up. dumudugo ang ilong ko araw-araw sa kaka-ingles. putsa. iba pa rin kasi talagang kausap ang mga amerikano. literally and figuratively. hindi ko talaga maitatatwang pinoy ang upbringing ko.

5 am pa bukas. huhu. miss ko nang magkasocial life. konti na lang, konti na lang!