Saturday, July 17, 2004

random thoughts

- gusto kong manood ng hoobastank. kelan ba yun, august something? 16 or 17? kaya lang...asa pa ko di ba.
- isa sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay ang magkaroon ng mga magagandang anak. improvement of the race, baga. panalo sana kung eurasian ang hitsura ng mga magiging anak ko, tamo sina Bea Alonso at Assunta de Rossi...ka-suwerte ng mga nanay nila at dumating sa pamilya ang magandang halo ng dugo. Di pa man 18 ang mga ihang ito e sila na ang nagpapayaman sa mga nanay nila. (not that i would do the same to my kid if i'm put in the same situation...magulo ang showbiz noh). hay, bakit ngayon ko lang naisip to? kung noon pa e di sana sinamantala ko na nung nasa France ako para mangarir ng mga prospective fathers para sa future babies ko. Hehe, joke.
- kasalanan ko ba kung hindi ako isang Belle? Hindi, di ba? So it's Belles that he wants, no more no less; it's not my fault that i'm not one. Di ko na hawak yun. Okay. Fine.
- syet, ang aga ng call time bukas. alas-3 ng umaga. kelangang mag-ipon ng lakas. madugo pa naman ang mga eksena. sana masaya akong uuwi after packup. kahit pagod.
- gusto kong pumunta ng nueva ecija. dumating na kasi yung friend naming si MADS, galing barko. she works there as a cruise photographer. asteg, lumibot na ng mundo ang lola ko. laki pa ng sweldo. for sure maraming kwento yun. for sure maraming na-meet yun na prospective sperm donors. hehe. (hmm...bakit di na lang kaya ako magbarko?)

Friday, July 16, 2004

fill in the blank.

you know you're _______________ when:
- it's so hard for you to get up in the mornings (but you have to anyway...)
- even taking a bath is a task that you find too laborious (but you gotta do it anyway...)
- you're often drowsy/tired/lethargic, and you always have to have something in your mouth (food/yosi/coffee) to perk you up and feel a little better 
- you wake up after eight or ten hours of sleep, and you still feel tired
- on occasion, you act as if you have completely lost your sense of humor (di ka madaling matawa)
- you seek the company/correspondence of your friends more often than before
- dread having to go to work, even if you know that "work" happens only thrice a week and is going to be the key to your dreams
- depressed, down, dejected about a lot of things in your life
- find yourself examining the quality of your own character
well. i don't know what to call it, but someone is going through all that right now.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

sc**w happy ever afters and get me on that red carpet!

oh yes, THIS happens in real life. and other spinsters-in-the-running who had come before me may have experienced this before.
soon, my turn will come.

one by one, my friends will be walking down the aisle. and i will being seeing them off. as for me, the only aisle i see myself walking on would be the red-carpet one in Cannes. Haha!

I'd take that chance over walking down any old church aisle anytime. Really. Promise.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

tianak the longer

Congratulations to Raya Martin of the UP Film Institute for winning the Ishmael Bernal Award for Young Cinema at the Cinemanila! I hope your BULUL statuette will be just enough encouragement to make you go full-speed ahead and chase the "Dream".

(Hay, the "Dream". If we young dreamers don't do anything to incarnate that "Dream" into reality, walang mangyayari sa atin...hanggang dreaming na lang tayo...kaya gawa na tayo ng pelikula!!! Hanap na tayo ng mga producers/sugar daddys! Hehe)

Sana rin hindi na ma-break ang successive "successes" ng UP Film students...sana mas marami pang student films ang mapansin at ma-awardan ng nararapat na karangalan (that is, kung karapat-dapat!).

I guess I'm impressed by the turnout of works from other schools besides UP and Mowel (the only institutions--supposedly--with actual film courses)--Ateneo and La Salle, to name a few. That's good, really, cause these are the peeps with the money to make films--money+talent+concrete film vision might just equate to a film that will go down in Filipino film history. Who knows, di ba? kaya kung may pera kayo, gumawa na kayo ng pelikula! Make sure lang na the concept is worth the money you'll be spending.

Went to YOUNG CINEMA NIGHT (screening of shorts in competition and for exhibition) last Thursday at Greenbelt 1 and was overwhelmed by the massive turnout. The theater was full. It was cool! Kung sana lang nagkaroon ng ganitong screening last year, maghahatak rin ako ng maraming kapartido, hehe.

some offhand notes on the films:
quezon city - julia clarete and eppy quizon do make a lovely pair. that's all.
egg - animation suspiciously resembles GARFIELD. i was a garfield fan so i should know how the artist drew the feet of all those chickens in ORSON'S farm. other than that, the film was fun.
bakasyon - i don't know who the filmmaker had in mind while he was making this film--ishmael bernal or mike de leon? it's rough around the edges, but for a first filmmaking effort, kudos to you RAYA.
homecoming - probably the one with the biggest impact on me, among the batch. congratulations to the two filmmakers who won BEST SHORT FILM for this edgy piece!
the bakery - sayang hindi kasali sa competition, coz i DID like this film. it can still be pushed, of course, for it to make a real statement, but as it is i found the film full of promise.
red saga - sayang di napalabas! was looking forward to it pa naman. why? basta. :-)