Tuesday, September 22, 2015

happy thoughts.

  • a finished and complete week 8 script
  • good feedback for week 8 script. 
  • the day i submit the finale script, many months from now. 
  • a good finale script. 
  • movie date with osobear
  • a finished and complete run with consistently good episodes and good (good is enough, di na ako aasinta muna ng great) story development from beginning to end.  
  • a DVD copy of said show 
  • vacay abroad with my mama and baby girl 
  • wrap party! nang walang iniisip na deadline!
  • selfie with J/C na maayos ang kuha ko at mukhang masaya sya na kaselfie ako!
  • beer at the wrap party
  • late 20s-30s na ratings for the show
  • a finished day 5 para makapagpahinga ako kahit sandali lang.
  • a beautiful beach 
  • sunsets and sunrises.
  • long hugs that won't let go from my babygirl.
  • long hugs that won't let go osobear. (kung ayaw ni hubby, kay J/C. haha #asa)
  • me at 48 kilos again. 
  • hanging out with babygirl playing P VS Z.
  • taking babygirl to school without worrying about work
  • being with babygirl without worrying about work
  • european vacation nang di iniisip ang gastos
  • multimillions invested in different instruments 
  • being financially stable. not needing to work to survive. 
  • the day my brother finishes friggin college. 
  • that giddy kilig feeling i get when writing something i'm particul

Saturday, September 19, 2015

umay is good

it works well for us. pero grabe, umay to the a1dub level, just hearing those screaming fans.

pero dapat talaga magpasalamat ako. kasi the day that i don't hear those screaming fans would be the day we don't want to happen.

maraming beses na habang nagsusulat ako, kinikilig ako sa isang eksena. if it works on me, it might work on others too, cause i'm a pretty common kinda girl. lalona sigurong magandang mapanood, with a director who's just wonderful and on point when it comes to mounting those kiligsenas. i love her for that already.

kaso, nanditona tayo sa puntong...paano ako kikiligin kung hindi pa ako nakasakay. hay. diesel. hanggang kailan kita paiinitin, bwitre ka.

good to great, like to love

feeling ko, under stress, under pressure, the best that i can come up with would only be something to the level of "good".

"good" is passable, "good" is pwede na.  but we don't want good. we want "great". and more than once in this journey, people above me have turned something "good" into something "great". genius, almost, which i genuiunely appreciate.

kung may time lang sana, i would want to make "great" my goal, every single time. pero pag pagod kana... "good" is enough. tragic.

people can teach you things and you can learn from them.  it doesn't matter how old you are, who they are, or what the circumstances are. everyone has something useful to offer, and i should learn from people whatever i can learn from them.

going, going, gone.

hindi ko alam kung bakit ganito ako. may anti-bandwagon mentality. kapag nagustuhan na nang iba to OA proportions ang nagustuhan ko, it kinda turns me off. nawawala na yung interes ko, dahil sa utak ko parang nagiging overrated na sila.

i used to like A1dub. loved them to bits. and then, everyone went berserk over them. i stopped watching altogether. nawalan na ko ng interes.

parang poging lalake. nung dalaga pa ako, i rarely have crushes on the conventionally handsome (doesn't incllude movie stars). kasi pag conventionally handsome, malamang maraming ibang nagkakagusto. bukod pa sa takot ako sa heartbreak dahil maraming tukso, ayoko din nung idea na isa lang ako sa isang batalyon at hindi unique ang taste ko. (#nagpapakaiba?)

parang ganito rin ang nangyayari kay J/C. everywhere i go, everywhere i look online, lahat na lang babae yata eh nagwowater-water sa kanya. a wonderful thing for our show.  pero parang naumay na tuloy ako sa mukhang yun. kasi lahat na lang sya ang bukambibig. lahat na lang ng panty everywhere kailangang pigain when he does that signature smoldering soul-gaze.  he's become the new pi0lo, na noon hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit kinahihimatayan (dahil siguro the female frenzy preceded him bago ko sya nakilala o nakatrabaho). i'd rather go for the low-key, pero wala namang ibang low-key na pwedeng maging inspirasyon, at hindi naman pinipilit ang ganon bagay.

basag trip #1. pag naging crush ng sambayanang kababaihan ang crush mo. (hindi sa nagseselos ako. alam naman nating lahat na wala tayong pag-asa sa kanya. haha. ayoko lang talaga sa supermainstream. mainstream na ngang maituturing, uma-a1dub levels pa).

so thank you, for giving me gasolina for weeks 3-7. okay, week 8. fuel running low. :-( that's when i realized i'm getting over this little "inspirational" ek.  not even the thought of you beckoning me to sit down and write your story could fire me up. :-(

huhuhu. i need something else to fire me up.  nasa punto na ako na hindi ko na maintindihan ang babae. hindi ko masakyan ang motivation nya, dahil hindi ko naman naranasan ang naranasan nya. and even if i was placed in that situation, i would've reacted differently.

11 more weeks of labor to go. lord, help me. please, just a dint of brilliance and discipine lord. deadline kopo bukas.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


week 8. script.

grabe ka. uhuhu. i hate you! i wanna kick your lazy ass!

don't break the illusion. one glitch in the matrix, the illusion is broken, and there goes their fantasy.

do an emotion map. ON PAPER. mark the progress, mark the exact turning points. on print. do NOT rely on instinct and memory, cause when you're puyat/pagod/distracted/ whatever, sometimes instinct and memory ain't gonna be enough.

when it comes to this, i'm a virtual grade schooler. i might need a few more shows in this same setup (more responsibilities, more autonomy) to get the hang of this. good thing is, right now, i'm fricking game for it. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

procrasstinating weighs

Reality. always a dampener, as far as my semi-obsession with this boy is concerned. truth is he's so different from the character he's playing, right down to the wedding ring on his finger, that powerful little detail.

looks of an angel. those eyes. vulnerable one time, seductive the next. but then i see a video of him playing horsey horsey with his fellow male celebrity, looking like a little boy na nakawala sa playpen. toink. there goes C. hello, J, you 22-year-old little tot you.

it's going to be a long, long long night. hopefully, the last night for this friggin treatment.

sabi ng EP, go girl. maganda show natin. hindi nya alam kung gaano ko naappreciate yung little rah-rah nyang yun.

gasolina. food, hugs, appreciation, and food for the illusions like J/C

Saturday, September 12, 2015

week 8

4:55 am. time's a-ticking. like a timebomb waiting to explode on my friggin procrastinating face.
isipin mo na lang. responsibilidad mo yan.
kapag nalate ka, apektado ang iba.
mahiya ka naman. tapusin mo na!

ang mahirap, yung di mo pa alam ang gagawin :-( yung nangangapa ka sa dilim. at instead na dun ka nagsusulat, dito sa blog, for some bitchin reason na ikaw mismo di mo alam.

ghosts haunting me.

please, haunt me.

C looks so sexy with that wedding ring on. makes a man out of him, i guess. that face looks youthful, but that face+the wedding ring adds manhood points. which makes him more attractive in this 30ish girl's eyes.

J, never mind him. him and the girls. him and the adulation. i'd rather float away with my illusions of C who looks like J, cause he's the perfect one, the good one, the one who will love his girl til forever.

the one who would tell you he'd still come back for you, no matter what.
the one who would say, there's no one else, just you.
the one who would put on a mascot costume and dance silly, para sa babaeng mahal nya.
yung sasalo sa yo kapag mahuhulog ka.
yung mahihingahan mo ng sama ng loob at makikinig at pwedeng iyakan ang balikat nya.
yung titingnan ka na parang ang ganda ganda mo at ikaw lang ang nag-iisang babae sa mundo.
yung titingnan ka na parang di nya macontain ang love and longing nya para sa yo.

okay beeyatch. fantasy over. don't work. labor. go into labor!!! put your heart in it! get in the frickin zone or else!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


week 8  treatment, deadline by friday.

so stop being a fan and work, beeyatch! grrr!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

this made me cry

Namiss ko ang anak ko. 

I see her everyday, get to hug her and kiss her. But these days, I seldom get to be with her. As in, really spend time with her. I don't resent my job for that, we all need to work (at swerte na ako na sa bahay ako nagtatrabaho), but I'm just sad. That it's taking time away from my child, at a time when every moment, every single day counts, because her time as a child is limited and she won't be this small forever. Instead of me, it's her yaya who gets to be by her side, the first person she sees in the morning and the last person she sees at night. Instead of me, it's yaya who gets to give her her baths, help her prepare for school, make hatid-sundo, prepare her meals. Instead of me, it's yaya who gets to have memories of these precious days. these days won't happen again, and I feel sad, and i can only hope that before she gets to be 7, 8 or 9, I'd be actively participating in her life again, enjoy those final years of early childhood with her, make memories with her as her mother. 

This is something that only working mothers might probably relate to. When a woman becomes a mother, everything else will become second priority. When you become a mother, marirealize mo na posible palang mamiss mo ang isang tao kahit wala pang 5 minutes kang nahiwalay sa kanya. When you become a mother,  quitting the ratrace and becoming a fulltime mom becomes an option, and the option. But you need to work, and you want to. So the yaya enters the picture to do the things you cannot do for your child. 

I was raised by yayas and a lola. hindi naman nagbago ang pagmamahal ko sa Mama ko. But as a mother, I really want to be hands-on. I've always tried my best to be hands-on, the be an active parent in her life. I had wanted to be the one to teach her to read, to write, to count. I had wanted to be the one to take her to school on her very first day. I had wanted (and still want) to be the one to tutor her in her homework, review her for her tests. I had wanted to be the one to teach her how to put her clothes on, how to put on her socks and her shoes. And so I did. 

Grateful ako kay Lord na binigyan ako ng free time these past 5 years, to get to be with my daughter. Siguro, sabi nya, okay na yun 5 years na nahubog mo ang pagkatao nya, na naging active participant ka sa everyday life nya.  She'll be fine. Ngayon, sabi ni Lord, kailangan kong mag-focus sa trabaho ko. Kailangan kong mag-give back, because this company, my bosses, they have been kind to me since Day 1. I think about it now, and somehow it makes me feel better.  Knowing that my Audrey will be fine. Cause she's 5, and her teacher says she's a good girl, pwede na akong maging kampante somehow. 

I love this project, there are highs and lows. To be able to commit myself 100%, I needed to go back to a version of me that existed long before Audrey came. And in that aspect, nagiguilty ako. Dahil hindi na ako yun ngayon. Once you become a mother, you'll always be a mother, pero these past few months, I've been someone else. I know my daughter is in good hands, kaya I allowed it, pero pag nakakabasa ako ng mga posts tulad ng nasa taas, naiiyak ako.  Reminded again , that to gain some you have to lose some, and in this case, it's precious time with my daughter. 

Alas 3 na ng umaga. may deadline pa and I'm running behind schedule again. Babalik na naman ako sa 20ish self ko, pero bago ako magpalit na naman ng pagkatao, I just needed to let all this out. When this project is over, babawi ako ng oras sa anak ko. Nang bonggang bongga. 

at least---and amazingly, parang binulong sa akin ng Diyos ngayon ngayon lang--- she's in good shape, character-wise, at this point. She'll be fine. Thank you Lord, for that reassurance. That's all I really need to know.

same time, next year

kinda down tonight. so before i start work, might as well revive an yearly "tradition".

one year ago, i was...
...34 years and 5 months old.   
...a writer for TV. 
...writing for a weekly series for kids. the story was about a dad who became a dog. (wow.)
...stressing. going through the beginnings of a midlife crisis
...struggling to light my fire. wanting to just...finish this.
...in love with the same husband. loving the same baby daughter. wishing i had more time for them. 
...baking to release stress. cooking to relax. 
... wanting to be free. financially free. dreaming of the day when i could afford to not work and still maintain the same lifestyle)

today this year i am...
...35 years and 5 months old. Old!!!
...a writer for TV. 
...fire regained, somehow. fell in love again with the job. or was it the job? 
...peddling dreams. selling illusions. 
...crushing on a 22-year-old TV star (or maybe it was his character) 
...seriously doubting myself. 
...missing work-free days
... missing the mall
...a mother, wishing for quality bonding time with her daughter. 
...a wife, wanting more wholesome cuddly hugs from her husband 
...a writer, wanting to get into the zone. 
...a laborer, cherishing quiet work time, wanting more of those eureka moments. 
...a tired soul
...waiting for the work to start by itself. hehe.
...a semi-retired baker

one year from now i...
...will be 36 years and 5 months old. Older!!!
...will still probably be writing on this blog.
...hope to be happier than i am now, and have ever been. 
...want to be richer than i am now, and have ever been. 
...want to be excited by new projects. want to keep that fire alive. 
...want to keep being a happy wife with a happy husband
...want to be a more hands-on motther to our daughter
....want to have gone to another foreign country. or at least, another beach paradise.
...want to stay intact and happy with my family.
...want to be slimmer!
...want to be a more learned, more giving, much better person.
...want to have more fulfilled wishes.