Tuesday, November 11, 2014

november high

haven't posted in a loooong time. life got in the way.

anyway, what a day! just had to write about it.

a day in the life of a multi-tasking beeyatch:

10 am.
woke up. made morning coffee for the hubby (or i may have not. sometimes i do, sometimes i forget. either way, he doesn't complain. thank god for a low-maintenance husband).

almost immediately hopped in front of my laptop to rush-finish a 1-day script for a special project. not in my best element, but hell. who knows, maybe i haven't been in a while. the fire needs fuel. lots.

5 pm.
met a client near EDSA. happy. making money always makes me happy these days. in that aspect, i'm fueled. i want to be financially free as soon as possible.

530 pm.
went home, prepared another order for another client i was due to meet at a nearby mall later.

730 pm.
zumba class. hoo-ha. thanks to my friend monj, i'm trying to maintain this gym/zumba thing as much as i can. it really does help having a gym buddy. the scale says i'm 130 lbs (GASP. i'm officially a lumpy housewife-- oh wait, i HAVE been that for over a year now). umaasa pa rin na makabalik sa 105.3-pound self ko.  okay, fine...pwede na ang 110. i just want to be able to wear my old clothes again!!!!!

830 pm.
picked up a few things in the supermarket. i don't know why but i really like grocery shopping. siguro kasi, mahilig akong magluto. i certainly enjoy grocery shopping more than shopping for something to wear. yeah, that's how boring and housewife-y i have become. ang hassle kasing magsusukat. sa grocery, you pick them up, put them in your cart, and pay. easy breezy.

930 pm.
met client #2. thank you lord, for the opportunity to earn extra. i'm saving up for something. actually, a lot of things. but one big something that i really, really hope we can have in 2 years or less.

10 pm.
home. made salad for dinner. yes, late dinner. bad for a dieter, i know. pero salad naman, kaya pinagbigyan ko na ang sarili ko.

fave salad of the moment: chicken and salted egg salad. uber sarap. lately, nagiging fan ako ng salads. vinegar and salt lang ang dressing, egg heavy, onions on top. i get hungry just writing about it!

11 pm.
done with dinner. and my night has only just begun. :-)
i don't really have a baking business, pero may raket ako. 80 pieces of decorated cookies for a christening event. deadline on friday afternoon.

this could have stressed me, but it didn't. cause i have time on my hands, and i absolutely LOVE decorating cookies. so decorate and bake cookies i did all night long. before i knew it, it was 4 am!

kapag mahal mo ang isang bagay na ginagawa mo--- or at least, excited ka about it--- hindi mo namamalayan ang oras. hindi mo nararamdaman ang pagod. you just get so engrossed in it, everything else fades in the background. ganoon ako dati, sa mga certain things na minahal ko sa buhay ko. kapag nagshushoot ako noon, o nageedit, nakakalimutan kong kumain. kapag nagsusulat ako ng isang script na sobrang excited ako about, ganoon din.

so now, cookie decorating is my official new flame. i get excited just thinking of the endless possibilities and the countless designs i want to create on those cookies.

4 am.
writing this blog. in a few hours, magigising na ang mga tao.

today will be baking day again. and probably puzzle-building day with the babygirl. (my babygirl is on longer a baby. she's 4, already a little lady. <3).

and hopefully, i will find the time to go to zumba class later.

ang sarap ng buhay kapag work-free days. so many things to do when the work-to-do is done. thank you lord, for free days.

so there. i've become so boring, i yawn at my own self. wala na yung angst that used to pepper my posts a long time ago. oh well, i'd take a boring but happy life over an interesting but turbulent one any DAMN OLD TIME.

TYL!! (thank you lord!)

my other new interest--- stocks. just a passive investor. looking to invest long-term. sana swertehin. sana kumita ng limpak limpak on stocks alone! financial freedom, BE MINE!