Monday, December 31, 2018

On the brink of a new year...

..I sit alone here, talking to myself. I need some me-time and quiet time before it gets really noisy. I hate the noise.

Reading back to my posts 12 years ago. Grabe, hindi na yata ako marunong magsulat ng prose ngayon. I can't even construct an entry in straight English anymore (not that it matters, but.. having read what I'd written more than a decade ago, I'm a bit surprised that 26 year old me could be so eloquent. Hindi na ako ganun, sadly).

Anyway, just keep writing. Ang importante naman, mailabas mo. FB would always ask you- what's on your mind today? You really want to know? Well. Money.

I'm worried. About money. About being able to maintain the monthly amortization for the lot I've invested in. I'm worried, that I might not be able to sell it anytime soon, after having pinned my hopes on someone who was interested in it.

I'm also not very happy about my weight. Diet starts again tomorrow. I have been feeling SO sluggish this past week because of the junk I'd been eating. Kaya dapat bumalik ulit sa dating disiplina, and ramp it up a bit more.

wala akong ganang magkwento dito. i'm not the same anymore. pero unlike then when I'd have a lot of angst and had a lot of interesting conflicts going on in my life, ngayon quiet ang buhay ko. Which is actually a good thing. no more rants about love (the unrequited kind, most of the time). Kaya.. okay na rin. Okay na okay na rin Lord.

2018 wasn't a very good year. Siguro may mga nawala o nabawasan, pero yung mga talagang importanteng bagay-- like my husband, my daughter, my parents, the comfortable domestic situation we are in, our good health, my emotional stability-- nasa akin pa rin. These have been a constant since the day God gave these blessings to me, and that's enough for me to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Kahit may mga bagay akong ikinalulungkot at winiwish na mangyari, kahit the money may not seem enough dahil nangahas akong mag-invest sa mga bagay na hindi madaling panindigan-- those are nothing compared to what I have already been given. My family, their love, our well-being-- THOSE ARE THE THINGS I REALLY NEED.  And I already have them.

You know all my wishes, Lord. I want You to know too, that I'm grateful. Because You have already given me what I really need. Sana po, forever na po kaming ganito.. yung masaya, magkakasama, healthy, at relatively stable, financially.

For 2019, though, I pray for more money. I pray for more opportunities to be able to give back. Pero kahit hindi ako mayaman sana magkaroon ako ng mas maraming opportunities to give back. Sana mabigyan ako ng wisdom to recognize those opportunities when they come my way.

Monday, December 03, 2018

december na naman

haven't written here in ages. dami nang nangyari in the past 6 months.
but i'll start with what's going on today. writing for a weekly kids fantasy series (with the creative group whom i consider family), got deployed to a new team to work on a new concept for a new soap (thank you Lord, I know). but right now, in between actual beginnings, schedule at work has been relatively light (THANK YOU LORD!), but that doesn't mean i'm not busy. because i am.. with a new hobby and a new side hustle (haha! the term).

got a new hobby. polymer clay. yes, after baking and decorating cookies with royal icing, may bagong bisyo na naman ako. i'm only a newbie, maybe a month old into this, and while gut feel (and common sense) tells me hindi ito ang business na magpapayaman sa akin, it's fun to do, so i do it. and like with all my other preoccupations, i sustain my bisyo by monetizing-- i'm taking custom orders.

1 month into the new bisyo at ang lakas na ng loob (kapal ng fez?!) nang magbenta ng mga gawa. well, murang mura ko naman binebenta sa ngayon. para lang mabawasan ang gastos sa pagpapraktis. but so far i have 3 orders for december. at suskoooo. ang hirap. dahil baguhan ako, kain oras, paulit ulit, trial and error. figuring my way through every piece. hindi pa ganon kalinis. marami pa akong kailangang matutunan. but looking back on my royal icing escapade, which i began in december 2013, hindi rin naman ako gumaling sa pagkarir noon overnight. kaya... keep calm and clay on lang beshie. clay lang nang clay hanggang matapos ang deliverables. and who knows. baka may pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

tomorrow should be a busy day. tatlong ganap na halos pare-pareho ng oras. first, my short film thesis has been included in a film screening in the alma mater-- 3pm. second, a parent-teacher conference in my daughter's school for her upcoming first communion -- 3pm. third, a creative meeting for the new soap-- 4pm. kung ako ang masusunod, aattendan ko ang meeting para sa anak ko, deadma na sa iba, pero mas may repercussions kapag hindi ako nakaattend sa trabaho. so.. trabaho muna, for tomorrow.

so many things to thank God for, though. I really should thank God everyday. for the things I've been given, na may tendency akong balewalain. the freebies in time, material things, etc. the support of family and relatives. our good health. our relatively peaceful, happy life. THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL THAT. Thank You Lord for everything.

oo, medyo petsa de peligro lately, dahil sa binabayarang lupa. may mga bagay na ikinalulungkot ko minsan, mostly connected to money, pero pasalamat ako na yun lang ang problema. tuloy pa rin ang hinuhulugang lupa, pero I'M CLAIMING na mabebenta na sya before the year ends, or at least by start of 2019. kasi doon magsisimula ang pagluwag ng mga bagay bagay.

CLAIMING IT, LORD. By Your grace.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

rainy days

Rainy days are here and that makes me lazier than I've ever been.
Maybe it's the weight gain. But I'm finding it hard to do anything these days. Except for the tasks I'm required to do for work, doing anything takes some effort.

I realized I can't do keto while the we're still working on this show. It literally makes me feel bad. It makes work a bit harder. Keto flu. I need to be in the best condition possible while we're grinding. Pero hopefully... dumating din ako sa araw na yon. Na pwede na akong mag-keto ulit. Pwede nang magpapayat ulit.

American Beauty is a real beauty. Funny, I've seen it so many times in the year 2000, but I realize now I hadn't appreciated it fully. I was too focused on Spacey. (ugh!! I know). But I watched it again yesterday, and it's just... beautiful.  How all the characters in that world cope with life and dashed dreams, lose their way in the process, die a little everyday. Reminds me of that other powerful movie, Requiem for a Dream. Life can be harsh- what helps you cope? What's your "drug"?

Just one powerful piece of work is all it will take. Just one, bluey. And that dead dream can be brought to life. The question is, can you? Do you have it in you to make it real?

But truth is.. even if the answer is No...I can deal with it. Because my worth, my happiness, does not depend on my job or career or what others perceive as "achievements". I am more than just a writer, or a worker, or a creator, or whatever. I'm also a mother. A wife. A daughter. A friend. A sister. Even if I "fail" in one aspect of my life, that doesn't lessen my worth as a person. So.. it's okay if I don't get to Cannes. It's okay if I don't get to make that full length film that will take me There. It's okay if I don't get to become a director. I have made my choices and save for one (in 2007-- sana hindi na lang yung concept na yon ang pinili ko-- o sana mas nag-pay attention ako to people's welfare under my supervision), I don't regret the choice I have made.

I parked that Dream because I needed to earn a living ASAP.  And I'd been too wounded to stay on the same track. I think it was also a wise decision, to take a break. To let the lesson sink in. But the "break" stretched on for years, and I found myself in a different path. A lot happened in life, got married, had a baby, and before I knew it... that Dream was gathering dust in the baul.

And it was okay. It's still okay. I could still fight for it, kung gustong gusto ko talaga. But pursuing that dream would mean I'd be taking risks--- not only of failure, but of financial instability. I have bills to pay, a family to feed, all that adulting thing. So.. I don't need to become a filmmaker to be fulfilled. I can still be happy, and I AM happy.

Matagal na yata akong mas problema sa passion for this current job I have. Pag mahal mo kasi, kahit ano susuungin mo. Kahti ano titiisin mo. Pero napapadalas ang pagpapantasya lately. Napapadalas ang desire for flight, kesa fight. Pero got bills to pay. 3 years to finish amortization for a property. So... hang on. You are luckier than most. Be grateful. You are there not only for yourself, but for the people who depend on you.

Nabubuhay lang ang spirit ko kapag nakakapanood ako ng magandang pelikula. O magandang series. I am reminded of why I got into the storytelling business, in the first place. Because I enjoy a good story. I used to enjoy telling stories, too. I was very young when I fell in love---8 years old maybe. Reading stories, graviated into writing stories, and the rest was history.

Mabuti sana kung ganoon lang kasimple ang lahat, sa trabahong ito. Telling stories. Maraming factors na kailangang iconsider. Maraming mabilisang adjustments na kailangang gawin. Maraming changes lagi. Kapag di mo mahal ... madali kang mauubusan ng gasolina.

Pero kapit lang, bes. Dahil kailangan. Just do the best you can, deadma na muna sa diet.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

My Stressball

My anak, three months shy of being 8.

I love it that I can now talk to her like I'm talking to an adult.

I love it that she understands why Mama can't sleep beside her on work nights. (Day 1 pa lang kasi ang ginagawa ko, anak. 5 days ang isang linggo. Pag hindi ako makasubmit, o ma-late ako, malaking pera mawawala sa mga boss ko)

I love her logic and sense of analogy. Wala lang akong time i-enumerate ngayon, pero maraming instances na napapanganga ako sa insight na naririnig ko mula sa kanya.

She literally de-stresses me, 10 minutes with her makes me physically feel better.  Everything is so much more bearable because I have my daughter with me. She's my vacation from everything.

I pray for every woman who wants a daughter to have a daughter like my babygirl.

Time is non-refundable, life is happening right past me. Pero sana anak dumating ang panahon na kaya ko nang makasama ka lagi lagi, and live through these times when you're growing up na mas madalas tayong magkasama.

Pero Thank You Lord dahil home based ako. Thank You Lord dahil anytime pwede akong magbreak sa trabaho para makita ang anak ko. Thank You Lord for all Your blessings. Dahil kahit minsan natatalo ako ng stress at nakikita ko lang yung kulang sa baso, and totoo, mas there's more water there than I deserve.

Health, safety, happiness for my family. That's all I really need.

Friday, May 04, 2018

These Days

These days, I... 
...drink alone more often. To forget? To be happy? To escape whatever rut I'm in? finding myself enjoying conversations with my 7-year-old more and more afraid of even going on that weighing scale. 
...wish to get away more often. 
...think of Hugh less and less. (aww. sad. not that I don't like him anymore, though-- it's just that there are other things on my mind) most of the time, as usual
...secretly wish na mabigyan ako ng mahaba-habang bakasyon. well that's not a secret. but I secretly wish for other things that I dare not even say aloud or write about. because there's dissonance in me
... (okay I'll say it) fantasize about resigning from my job more and more often
... (say it again) secretly desire na matapos na yung project.. pero alam ko HINDI KO DAPAT IWISH YUN
...demoralized, tired. going through the motions. un-driven
...long for the beach
...worried about finances (bills, investments. #adulting
...have still not gotten over the fact that I am actually 38 years old. WOW.  nalalagas ang mga taon nang di natin namamalayan.