Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2017 = money and a whole lot of other blessings!

50 sequences away from completion. deadline in 24 hours.
kung sana bawat oras, may 2 eksena akong natatapos, mamimeet ko ang deadline

lagi akong ganito. laging may tinik sa utak kapag may deadline na malupit.

pero THINK POSITIVE tayo. lalo na sa panahong ganito.

a finished script = MONEY! moolah! pambayad sa mga dapat bayaran!

bukod sa utang ko sa asawa ko, wala naman akong ibang utang. walang credit cards, walang utang sa ibang tao. except, well, yung hinuhulugang lupa namin. INVESTMENT!

so let's finish this dang script! just breeze through it!

LET'S MAKE MONEY, saffron!! let's go let's go! :-)

sa 2017, BABAHA ANG PERA! i know you're hearing me, universe!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

sweet november

sana maging sweet ang november na ito, hanggang sa dulo.

deadline for 2 days of week 5 on tuesday/wednesday. may monday dinner. so i have today, sunday, and early tuesday to finish 40+ sequences.

our boss's birthday party last night. i got drunk on wine. drunk, as in, i was vomiting on the pavement. eww. parang hayskul na first time uminom. there goes my reputation.

but it was fun. i was happy. i drank to overcome my shyness (hate being in big parties!), ended up being a social butterfly. hindi ko alam kung ilang tao ang sinabihan ko ng "i love you" kagabi. i hope i didn't embarrass myself too much!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

post-deadline stupor

after 7 days of writing...it's done. week 4, that is.

and suddenly i find myself a bit directionless. so it's done. what to do now?

well, for starters, enjoy the long weekend. 12 hours ago inggit na inggit ako sa mga maagang nag-long weekend. at 8pm tonight, my long weekend began. pero may butal pang research eklavu na kailangang isubmit, so... bukas na isubmit ang research. magmovie night muna with my bosobear.

happy ako sa week 4 na 'to. ang daming nangyayari. ang daming pasaberg. mas madali for me magsulat ng suspense, action, drama, kesa romance or comedy. i just realized that recently. it's easier to just...pile one quantum event after the other. kesa yung bubunuin mo at hihimayin mo ang emotions, idedevelop mo nang masusi ang relationships. o di kaya magpapatawa ka. seeing the humor in things.

kaya nga kahit uber late (justkolord. sana maiba naman), masaya ako. rare ako masaya sa isang tinrabaho. madami pang kulang, maraming pwedeng idagdag, pero for a first draft, i think it's not bad. maybe. o baka naman biased ako. let me read it again after a good night's sleep. :-D

nawalan na ako ng amor kay P, ewan ko ba. it's really easy for me to fall in and out crushes. really easy to tune out.

i want to decorate Plants vs Zombies cookies for November!

i want to bake a really yummy cake.

i want to learn a new recipe.

i want to eat at Sambokojin tomorrow with my mag-ama.

i want to pamper myself after this 7-day marathon work dahil feeling ko, deserve ko 'to.

i want to have a beer right now.

ang hirap talagang kumita ng pera. haha.

happy halloween, world!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

giving myself a night off

a weekend in the life of beeyatchy me:

saturday - labored over a cookie order. 60 pieces handcrafted one-by-one, for a baby shower

by afternoon, they were all shipped safely to client via Gr@b express. really efficient service! same day delivery to Makati, cost the client only P155. i don't share it on my social media accounts for selfish reasons-- the more people avail of the service, the greater the risk of its efficiency getting compromised. kaya, quiet lang ako. but i will use this for my deliveries from now on! not only with cookies, but with other thingies!

we were supposed to go out on a family date that Saturday, pero ang daming labada for work. Powerpoint presentation for Monday -- at that time, hindi ko pa buo ang mismong kwento, let alone the powerpoint version :-(

so i procrastinated, big time. spent all afternoon with my babygirl. after a hectic week na lagi akong umaalis for work, kailangang bumawi sa anak na mataba!

she likes creating! poems, drawings, stories, ideas for computer games, songs, lyrics, even dance steps and fictional worlds. she loves generating ideas, this beautiful girl. i hope she grows up to become a creator, but not the kind of creators that her parents are. wag na sanang writer, kasi gusto ko syang makapag-asawa! siguro mababaw na dahilan, pero ewan. minsan swerte-swertehan sa trabahong ito. i want the best for her future, and i want something sureball. like an engineering career, or a computer/infotech-related career (it's the future!). ayoko ding matuto syang magyosi, uminom, tumaba nang tumaba dahil sa kakaupo at kakastress over deadlines. :-D

gandang ganda din ako sa anak ko. i can't get over it. she does not look like me, but I'm just so in love with that face. Nagpapasalamat pa nga ako, na hindi sya namukha sa akin, cause she came out so much better-looking! (kung lalake ako, hindi ko matatypean ang sarili ko. ayoko sa mga mukhang masungit!) i just love those round, dreamy, sleepy, deep-set eyes. the little-girl button of a nose. the full lips she got from her father. that round face she got from me, pero sana it remains soft-edged kahit na hanggang paglaki nya (my cheekbones kinda acquired a life of their own when i hit puberty! reminds me of Maleficent)


 i just have to post pictures of her all over my virtual walls. it's something that i just am so COMPELLED to do, for reasons that I can't understand. compelled to share that beautiful face to the world.

and share every single potential talent, too. every single achievement. hindi ako mayabang sa sarili kong mga ganap (sa tingin ko naman! i kinda dislike hornblowers and showoffs), pero pagdating sa anak, lumalabas ang yabang!

at bilang nasa usapang achievements na rin ako, i'm happy that she's Top 2 in her Grade One class. the competitive mom in me would instinctively ask, bakit hindi Top 1? pero pinipigilan ko ang sarili ko, lalo na sa harap nya. I want her to absorb the right values (hindi mo kakumpitensya ang ibang tao, kundi ang sarili mo---but then she's in Grade One, let her enjoy her childhood and have fun!). At Grade One I was conditioned to be competitive and to achieve, pero ayokong ulitin yung ganong upbringing sa anak ko.  mas gusto kong matutunan nya yung pagiging masipag, conscientious, at responsible about schoolwork. the results will only be the icing on the cake. ang importante, ginawa nya ang required na gawin, at hindi sya sumuko, tyinaga nya.

anyway, going back to Saturday. wala akong masyadong nagawa with regards to work. inuna ko pang gawin ang mga cookies ni babygirl for Teachers' Day

this was easier to do than build a story from the ground up.
Saturday evening, saw Captain America: Civil War for the first time (1 year delay! kaloka). Not bad, compared to that asinine B vs S movie that really annoyed me. Anything is better than that one.


Rushed something for work aside from the powerpoint that I was supposed to do. Spent all afternoon just finishing that.

Then the Powerpoint. Had to face the music. Kahit na hindi ko feel. Nagviber ang direktor namin with new inputs 24 hours earlier. Ngayong hinaharap ko na, ngayon kolang narealize hindi ganoon kadaling ayusin yung meron kami so far, to fit his inputs.

so all evening i spent just... mulling over it. I HATE concept development. I hate it :-(

Finally, MONDAY.

woke up Monday nang wala pang masyadong nagagawa for that powerpoint.  was expecting to do work for the new show Monday til Thursday, on top of that powerpoint. Kaya medyo masama ang timpla ko this morning.

may meeting ng 6pm. being the only writer in the group, I knew I was expected na magpresent ng kwentong nabuo ko na from everyone's input. well guess what-- alas-12 na ng tanghali, lutang pa rin ako. hindi ko mahawakan ang isang ito. ilang taon na rin naman akong dumadaan sa pitching season. pero EWAN. today i was just out of it.

needed coffee and yowsi, ASAP.

but first, a visit to the Dentist.

i have periodontitis. A really bad gum disease. I have had one tooth extracted because of it. This week, I will have another molar pulled out of me. Permanently. so I've been having my teeth cleaned religiously to treat the periodontitis. and my dentist has advised me to stop smoking for good, or else all my teeth would fall off. :-(

hard decision to make. so I'm setting a deadline for my smoking habit. i don't know if I will be able to stick to that. but I have to. kasi ang hirap kumain nang walang ngipin! at mahilig pa naman akong kumain!

60 kilos. the weighing scale said last week. malamang ganyan pa din akoo ngayon, give or take. during my OWTWOWL days I had gone up to 63, maybe more. grabe. donya jubis days. ngayon medyo donyita jubis na lang. sana mawala na ang donyita next month. tapos next next month, yung jubis mawala na din.

wishful thinking. i love food too damn much. :-(

so after the dentist appointment i spent all afternoon at Starbucks, just wringing my brain. forcing myself to construct this story. golgotha. ang hirap. :-( sayang din ang ginastos ko sa Starbucks kung wala akong magagawa (MORTAL NA KASALANAN, ayon sa asawa ko).

pero at 5pm, salamat naman. yung mga inubo ng utak kong nangangalawang these past three days, nagamit ko naman para sa powerpoint presentation na ipepresent ko sa groupmates ko. half-baked, hilaw yes. pero at least...buo. sa mata ng groupmates ko, at least.

wednesday ang next meeting. thursday ang pitching, SANA SANA yung CM ko na lang ang magpitch! marami pang bubunuin between tonight and those days. pero for TONIGHT, night-off muna! kumain ako ng paborito kong lembest sisig at kanin (kahit gabi na--bakit ba!).

at maya-maya nandito na si hubby. tinirahan ko sya ng sisig.

tulog na si babygirl. bukas ng umaga na lang kami magkikitta.

for now, ipapainit ko muna ang sisig.

i love this life! kapag walang deadlines at stressful thingies!

thank you Lord!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dear P

Ang guwapo mo! Sobra! 

Everything about the way you look is just perfect to me. The shape of your head, the shape of your face, your haircut, your clean-cut look, the symmetry of your features, your flawless skin, your beautiful eyes, your height and build..and I can go on and on. 
There, I just need to let it out. 

Well...as if I have been keeping my fangirl-ing a secret-- ang totoo, nakukulili na ang mga katrabaho ko sa akin. Paulit-ulit lang naman ang monologue ko--- "Ang guwapo ni P!". Actually, hindi ko napapansin. Until our director mentioned it tonight. Hahaha. Malala na ito. Dapat na ba akong mahiya? Para akong 16! Kasi ang guwapo mo! I have this character in my head. Pwede bang mahiram ang itsura mo para sa kanya? 

Ang weird. Para akong sinaniban ng kung ano. Wala pa namang dapat ikatakot ang hubby ko. Sounding board ko pa nga sya (same dialogue-- "ang guwapo ni P". Hah.  Profound, 'teh!). Interesting, cause exactly one year ago sounding board ko din si hubby while I was fangirl-ing over another guy. Same lines, same feelings, different person. Different character, different show. 

Ganun yata talaga. Kelangan sa trabaho? Kelangan ng muse? Kapag romance ang sinusulat, kung sinuman ang bida, crush ko siya. May tawag ba sa ganitong syndrome? Whatever. Basta natutuwa ako pag nakikita kita. Kung naglilihi man ako, SANA lumabas na maging kamukha mo ang anak namin, kung boy siya! 

Waah. I'm just... happy. Your face makes me happy, the way Keanu's face did, 20 years ago. Ang lakas makagood vibes ng pagiging fangirl. A natural upper. 

syempre, ganito lang ako kapag kami-kami lang. pero kapag kaharap ka na...hindi ko yata kaya. at hindi yata dapat. at kahit naman pwede, hindi ko rin gugustuhin. kahit nung single pa ako, never kong pinahalata sa kahit sino na crush ko sila, kahit gaano man kababaw. Core na yun ng pagkatao ko, hehe. 

okay na ako na tingnan ka. ayoko nga yatang kilalanin ka. baka madisappoint lang ako, masira ang buong ilusyon. just maintain your beauty. I'll fill in the gaps.