Thursday, March 24, 2005

my internal msg alert tone

this afternoon i was woken up by the beeping of my phone. 1 message received.

i could hear croaking.

it's been this way since yesterday.

now, every time the phone beeps, i find myself hoping that i'd hear croaking in my head...and sometimes, i'd be right.

1 message received. ribbid. ribbid.

the frog princess croaks it

frog princess, frog princess, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch!

checklist for the frog princess' frog prince:
- born between 1975 - 1981...anything beyond that and he's a tadpole/toad by default
- 5'4 to 5'9... anything shorter or taller is simply beyond frog prince standards
- dusky cafe au lait give a twist to the conventional wart-covered green
- preppy clothes are most acceptable, especially in autumn shades (luvly syt 2 behold..)
- clean-cut hair (read as: no long tresses held up in a bun! doesn't figure in the frog prince prototype!)
- spectacles are a plus...except for the dorky black-rimmed ones (leave that to the wartsy-fartsy ones)
- intellectual rather than physical..frog with a strong mind makes a frog prince
- tame, refined, lithe, almost leaps and bounds (hate those macho coarse wartsy ones)
- smart, without bein smart-assy (hate those loud sarcastic croakers)
- an achiever in his own swamp (makes up for whatever superficial shortcomings, ribbid!)
- simple, sensible, sensitive, silent, laidback, easygoing------works well under extreme swamp conditions (and with erratic-tempered amphibians)
- a closet romantic
- a lover of books/films/music/better yet, all of the above
- a beautiful voice would be a plus, to depart from the usual croaking
- plus pogi points for a smoking habit (looks good with all the other characteristics put together)
- sexually unthreatening (no to toad maniacs, they stink)
- hetero in every which way, ALL the way.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

the myth of the frog prince

Stop kissing frogs, beeyatch. You won't find a prince in a swamp.
Only princesses.
At worst, queenies.

Don't want to get down there. I've had it with the bliss.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


hay. minsan ang sarap lokohin ang sarili. ang sarap magpakatanga. sarap tumalon sa bangin, if only to feel the momentary bliss of flying, kahit alam mong eventually, lalagpak kang duguan.

i'm goin back to subic. it's the show. pray we have some time to spend at the beach, swimmin. bringin a pair of shorts and a manang t-shirt with me, just in case. lookin' forward to another adventure..................!

Friday, March 18, 2005

just a bit o' gobbledygook

changed my mind. i will never get enough of the sea. never get enough of a summer beach vacation. not this summer, not ever. especially now, when i'm almost never home, and almost never here, and there's barely enough time to get enough sleep, never mind have a long, leisurely breakfast with the morning paper (my fave pasttime last summer, during those thrice-a-week movie shoot days), ponder over the state of my life (my fave pasttime since i hit my 20s; i'm in the me-me-me years so i have the perfect excuse), or even watch a movie (my fave pasttime,period!). i'm coming back, halcyon sea. and we're gonna have a dang great time. just you and me, and a few of mah friends.

oh i hate it when a seedling grows on mars. cause it never rains on mars, so it will NEVER grow. why does it always friggin happen, mehn? one of the greatest mysteries in the universe, as far as this speck-in-the-universe is concerned.

i wonder when i'll get to work on my Jeepney concept again. i wonder when i'll get to quit smoking for good. i wonder what i'm doin here at 4 in the morning when the wise thing to do (supposedly) is to sleep away what little free time i have these days. i guess blog and fwendster are such ego-mirrors. hate that. hate being born on april 25.

one year ago i was starting out in film production. wonder where i'll be one year from now.

__________________* ______________________ * _____________________ * ______________

oh, we know how the story goes. as always, as always. same difference, different sameness.

oh, don't mind me. i'm just talking to myself.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Boracay Beach, March 2005. There's just about one or two good angles from which you can shoot the beach...i think it's the color and elements in the frame that'll make the difference. Shot this on my Nokia 3200 ! :-) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

whirlwind sunshine in a timeful of sand (that make any sense to ya?)

Dang. Been out all day and still have a deadline to meet.
Haven't written in my personal journal (the one in my PC--my eyes only) for the past two weeks. Wish I had the time. Wish I could write all about everything that's happened, from my latest film shoot (really love shooting film, mehn) down to my latest adventure today in Subic. Yea life's one happy-sad-sunny-dour adventure and I LOVE it!

My last shoot as script supervisor/AD for a movie that's showing this April. In between takes I was doing the line producer's preprod tasks via cellphone (calling people, coordinating skeds, making sure that everything would be all ready for the next day's shoot). We packed up at 2 am, Friday. I headed straight to the production house that got me as Line producer/Asst Director/Prod Manager for a Cinema Ad that was to be shot Friday and Saturday. Pullout from the prod house was at 4 am.

Took a bath, talked with co-workers, and off we went to the shoot. Locations were at the Pier and at Bora Bar in The Fort. By midday I felt low-batt already. Gathered just about enough to help me through the rest of the day--kelangan ko pang gumana! Mahirap maging PM at AD at the same time but we carried it through, somehow. at packup the girls (prod designer Joy, art director She, prod assistant Gavin) and I were in blithe spirits. Our second day was going to be shot in Boracay. We were kinda excited. Kinda. Haha!

Plane took off for Caticlan at 8 am. Twas my first time to be in Boracay so adventure talaga. The waters were a dazzling blue-green and the sand was like pulvoron in its white brilliance. A skeletal staff and crew managed to finish shoot by sundown. May time pa to fool around with the remaining footage tape from our rented HD camera! Of course, the shoot was not without the normal delays and obstacles but on the logistic side the pacing was superb.
Ganda ng dagat. Syempre kanya kanya na kaming peechure-peechure sa mga sarili namin (thanks to the brilliant invention that was the Camera Phone!). Took some conventional beach shots and sunset shots as well.

In the evening we went out for a hearty supper, then had a few drinks at one of the bars in Station 1. While our model companion was being "hooked up" by the girl-prowling lonesomes in Station 1, the boys (i.e. director/dop Eli and CEO/exec produ Kuya M) decided to go back to the hotel for some much-needed rest. We three girls (Joy, She, and me) decided to go flea market shopping. Since we were supposed to leave the island the next morning, we made the most of our evening.

As we were walking past crowds of colorful strangers (whites, browns, yellows!) I realized that each of us had different reasons for going to Bora--aside from the shoot, of course. Joy wanted to shop, Sheryll wanted to experience the night life, I wanted to swim. Haha. What a cozy multi-cultural community of transients and locals. It might indeed be true that Filipinos are a happy people. The pedicab drivers (trikes and pedicabs are the main mode transportation in the island) were a cheerful lot. And the vendors were all down-to-earth blitheness.

While everyone else flew back to Manila that morning, Sheryll and I decided to stay for one more day. Deadma na sa lahat. Tutal nandun na kami! Continental breakfast, swimming and shopping for lunch, Swiss dinner, and a mile-long walk from station to station in search of the "perfect" hangout place in the evening. Oh well. It was Monday so there wasn't much action going on, and I was a reluctant night-outter.
Auh. Time to go home. Arrived in Manila 11 am and went straight to a meeting with Beatlebum and other co-workers in the new show. We finished at around 9. Was pooped, man. When I got home I really felt like I missed my bed.

Postprod arrangements for the cinema ad in the morning, meeting for the new show for the rest of the day.

Ocular in Subic for our show taping. Wahoo! Just came back! And now, a deadline to meet. Gudda work now. Thanks Lord for making me busy. Better than not being busy. Better than anything else. :-)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

boracay at sundown : galing talagang pintor ni god! Posted by Hello

bora, bora (the real thang!) Posted by Hello

god how i long to go back to my momma's womb...

I can stop fantasizing about the beach now. I've had my fix. Oh, wish I really had enough. I was in Boracay for two days and three nights--"on business" for the first twenty four hours, and the rest was just one sunny little semi-vacation.

If I hit my head towards amnesia tomorrow, everything else would probably a blur, except for that one earthy-ethereal moment that I had in the shallow waters of the sea: floating on my back, cradled by the wavelets, letting the tide take me wherever it wanted to. Haha. What a literal metaphor.

I felt such an affinity towards the sea, for a moment it almost became my mother.

That's what I really came to Boracay for!