Sunday, April 08, 2012

under the weather on a work-day easter

random shwandom.

woke up on the wrong side of the bed after having gone to bed at 4 am. went about the day like an open wound. sensitive about the littlest things. dragging my normally-lark-like self around.

our daughter has created a lark out of me. she's my alarm clock every morning at 6 am. kaya pagdating ng 1am, nagshashutdown na ako. nagla-lag na ang makina. yun lang ang problema, pag 1am nasa trabaho ka pa. lord, give me energy. endless energy.

visita iglesia last maunday thursday with my beloved bosobear. a prayer for every church stop. 5 minutes, lord. everyday. i know that what you ask. my biggest prayer will always be a prayer of thanks. thank you. thank you.

what i want right now:
1) our own house and lot. our own.
2) good profits from my mf investments.
3) more money for more mf investments.
4) a menthol yosi.
5) mind speed.
6) longer stamina
7) higher energy
8) more enthusiasm and inspiration for what i do.
9) more money. millions of pesos.
10) to get rid of varicose veins. pregnancy did this to me. years of production work did this to me. and the vain beeyatch in me is whining foul. how do i get rid of these things and prevent more from appearing!?!
10) the happy company of my babygirl and bosobear. but now's not the time. work first, happy family time after.

thank god, for my family. my job. my life. despite life's little glitches, despite under-the-weather days like these, every day is something to thank you for.