Sunday, June 30, 2013

the worst time to write a blog entry

is when you're trying to meet a deadline. but i just have to say something about the  whirlwind stuff that's been happening to me these days. the enormous change that's about to happen to my working life in the next several months.

make or break time. do or die. sink or swim. and i am not exaggerating. OHO sooo not.

nung isang araw naghihintay ako sa office. for a meeting with a bossing. dreading the minutes, hours...the agonizing wait. sabi ko sa sarili ko, maghihintay kaya ako hanggang 10pm...para lang masermonan? principal's office ba ito? batcave? ano? thing is... i had no idea. absolutely no idea why i had been called.

well, not absolutely. may faint idea naman. and, well, to be honest i was uber nervous. expecting the worst hoping for the best. i was imagining how the dialogue would go. the worst lines, really. but what i didnt expect was that two days later i would be thrust in the middle of a new project. yep, this sink or swim make or break do or die be punctual or be dead new project.

so here i am. hyperventilating. scared. to death. super. praying. for the frist time in quite some time. lord. please. help me fight. help me pull this off. til the very finale. til the very final closing billboard. i want to do this right. i want to pull this off. please. help me. please.

i feel like i'm being tossed into a den of lions. superprime. rush. no headwriter. and little slowpoke pentium-1 me as the only one in there. and to say that i am not terrified would be an utter complete lie. i am terrified beyond comprehension. but there are only two options, really. eat the lions or be eaten. win or lose. sink or swim. my head is above water but i will do my very best to stay afloat til the very very end.

i haven't wanted something this badly for a long time. at least where work is concerned. please lord. please. help me. just a little dint of brilliance. just a little dint of speed. please lord. help me.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

To-Dos when the Things-to-Do are Done

when i'm working on something for many days straight, the To-Dos pile up. so here are the latest items on my To-Dos-When-the-TTDs-are-Done:

1. bathe the persian. ilang linggo na syang di nakakapagwarm-water-bath. pero kahit ganon...hongganda at hindi naman mabaho ang babycat ko :-)

2. arrange my closet. hindi na ako magpopost ng picture ng closet ko. baka madepress lang kayo. :-P
3. clean up the litter box (4 na araw na yatang may persian droppings dito. in fairness walang nangangamoy ha).  no pics either. baka kumakain kayo. 
4. wax the legs. ARGH. tried today but the line was so dang long. kainis. someday pag nagkaroon ako ng multimillions isa sa mga business options ko ang franchise ng waxing salon na ito. next to a franchise of Jco. hehe. 
5. go to the derma for diamond peel/facial. availed of a 5k 1-year promo for diamond peel and facial. bongga. kaso dahil sa kabusyhan ng life i skipped around three weeks. eh balak ko kasing sulitin. hehe. today--mission accomplished. daming nilinis sa fezlack. gross!
6. go to another clinic for 2nd LHR UA session. oo, puro kakikayan ang pinag-aatupag kong TTDs these days. availed another 5k-16month promo for laser hair reduction for UA at a clinic near my workplace. i attempted to accomplish this today kaso kailangan pa palang magpasked. argh. 
7. get a maniped at my favorite maniped salon. kakikayan na naman. kung kailan nag-asawa at nagkaanak saka umarte nang todo. hehe. sorry naman. was planning to do this today kaso kasama ko ang anak ko and it's really hard to be mobile when you're with a babygirl. you can only go to at least 3 places for an afternoon, at kailangan naka-cab kayo. 
8. canvas prices for a samsung galaxy S-II or S-III. oo, mortal na kasalanan ang pinaplano kong gawin. ang bumili ng bagong phone para palitan ang phone kong wala pa ngang isang taon na nasa akin. eh pano nabubwisit ako sa kabagalan nitong samsung galazy y duos ko. bought it in an online sulit shop for 5k and i'm starting to seriously doubt if it's the orig thing. baka class A. ARGH. i hate it pag bumibili ako ng mura tapos panget pala yung nabili ko. sa sobrang bwisit ko gusto ko na tuloy bumili sa mall kahit ano pa ang presyo. at least assured ako na original at compatible sa candy crush ang phone.  tsktsk. di ako dapat magastos. which brings me to...
9. make top-up for sunlife mutual fund. the NAVPs have dropped noticeably these past few days. a good time to take advantage. ito ang pangbalanse sa spending ways ko-- basta makapagtabi ako sa mf investment, i don't feel as worse about spending as i would if i hadn't saved something at the same time. 

went out with the babygirl today. she's almost three now and is sooo talkative. diretso na magsalita. and there this innocence to her talkativeness that makes even the most indifferent stranger smile. siguro biased lang talaga ako, pero nakakatuwa ang anak namin. hahaha.