Friday, May 20, 2005

adventures in the ice cream parlor

There IS a life out there, but for the next three months (or less...or more), the universe will only revolve around the show. A drastic change, but I've come to adapt the radical lifestyle of reality-television somehow. I'm learning by the minute. The ins, outs, and in-betweens. So take out the Extra Joss and follow it up with some astig Barako Iced Coffee, turn the phone on mute and play some funny-sad-happy song on the player, we have a deadline to meet baby! bring it ohwn!

I've recovered from semi-vampirism somehow. These past two nights I went to bed before 4 am. When usually I'd be up til 3pm and be uber-drowsy in the afternoons and early evenings. I pray that I won't have to go back to that ugly old habit. Cause it drains the youth out of me. Don't wanna end this show looking like a shriveled version of my 25-year-old self. I wonder though what's in store for me by August...only the good Lord knows! I place everything in His hands now, cause he seems to know where to take me. From Cebu to Baguio to the far-flung province of Tarlac to Bora to Subic to the polar regions of ABSCBN...he writes my own adventure. couldn't ask for more.

There's always something mighty fulfilling about seeing something you've worked on being born. Living, breathing. I wasn't the only parent in this case, there's a whole gallery of us working to assemble this little pageantry together, but seeing the pilot episode a few nights ago--mastered, ready for airing--somehow transformed me into a beaming parent (among the multitude) for the show's entire 30-minute run.
And reading good feedback about it on PEX sure makes my heart float. So it's really hap'nin. Hurray-ho.

So yosi is still my buddy. Not in the company of misery, though, not anymore. Life's an ice cream float. You take in the foam and let the ice cream melt. I wonder what's happening to the rest of the ice cream parlor, though.