Friday, April 21, 2017

cracks in the illusion

it's 6:34 and i've been up all night working. i really should go to bed now, but i just need to let this out.

i think papa hugh is gay. :-(

i have no evidence except hearsay and circumstance. hindi papasa ito sa korte.

but you know that feeling? that gut feeling?

i can't explain it. basta ang lakas ng kutob ko.

kung tama ako, there goes my illusion that a perfect man like that could exist.

may basag na ang rose-colored glasses. huhuhu.

ayoko, papa hugh. ayokong maging gay ka!

i don't know how long this little crush will last, pero nararamdaman ko na.  the first cracks usually omen the beginning of the end.  ayoko pa, papa hugh. gusto ko pang maging crush ka. convince me that i'm wrong about my suspicions.

of course, just the fact na crush ko sya- circumstantial evidence na.  i'm usually attracted to men who, i later find out, turn out to be gay.

there's just something about 'em you know. maybe that "i'm harmless, you can trust me" vibe.

hugh jackman as wolverine, no. but hugh jackman as himself, definitely. those happy eyes, that wholesome aura about him. harmless. trustworthy. non-sexually-predatory. gay?

ayoko pa talaga. gusto ko pang umasa. if someone can be that wonderful, my husband can be that wonderful, too. it is possible.

nananalig pa rin ako, papa hugh.

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