Sunday, April 23, 2017


it's 6:41 am, been up all night working, and just about to go to bed with (visions of) this perfection:

 i may change my mind when i wake up later, but right now, Papa HJ, nothing matters. Gay, bi, tri, pan, trannie, I.. DON'T.. CARE.  You are PERFECT.  from kili-kili to chesthair to that smoldering come-hither stare. just looking at you makes me wanna go to the beach. i can almost smell the salt on your skin. (um, wait. let's not go the "smell" route)

I am SO happy that i am not the only one swooning and sweltering over this picture. posted this on my social media walls and at least one fb friend swooned so much, she just had to PM me about it throughout the day.  (and like me, she started liking Papa Hugh right after "Logan"! i wunder why? is that a phenomenon?)

i like HJ in all his happy, trustworthy, unsexually-threatning handsomeness, but with that pic above? HMM. threaten me, break my trust, just make sure you look EXACTLY like that.

okay, puyat is making sound like a cougar more and more by the day. and to think this guy is, whut, 12 years older than me (you were 12 and i was being born! aww)

have to go to bed now. no, not with you Hugh, sorry. HAHA.


(can't believe i'm turning 37 in 2 days. my post reads like the gushy fangirling of an early-twentysomething!)

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