Friday, April 14, 2017

Procrastinating Tactic (or Why I REALLY Love Hugh. Again. and Again)

got a deadline to meet (and will probably miss, at the rate i'm going), and all i really want to do is talk about ...well, you, Papa Hugh.

i see a pattern here. when i'm stressed, or when there's something i really don't feel like doing (most of the time, work-related), that's when i feel like talking about Papa Hugh. Or youtubing him, or checking him on IG, or watching a movie he's in. He's a jolt of sugar to my blood,  a blast of sunshine on a dreary day.  (and i say that with no guilt--cause my husband knows, how could he not know, i couldn't stop talking about Hugh!). I DON'T KNOW. it's just a compulsion, you know. so now my stress-combat kit includes you. coffee, cigarettes, and Papa Hugh!

i've reached a point where i was seriously wondering if there's something wrong with me (married woman, hello? crushing heavily on some movie star?), but i've been relieved of guilt- it's a perfectly normal thing that happens to many married people. and i'm glad that hubby and i are open to each other about these things (at least, ako open- wala naman kasi syang kinukwento tungkol sa mga celebrity "crushes" nya), so that makes me feel a whole lot better, that he knows and he's cool about me totally crushing like  a highschool fangirl over Papa Hugh.

this is going to be a rave post again. just indulge me. I HAVE NEVER KNOWN any celebrity as seemingly PERFECT as him. Even Keanu, whom I've loved and admired since forever, loses out to this guy in a number of aspects. (Sorry Keanu).

Literally. He's almost too good to be true. Why? here's a rundown:

+ He seems like a really good husband to his wife.

I want a picture like this too, with my husband!

How can someone be famous, achingly handsome, filthy rich, and be able to resist extramarital temptations? SERIOUSLY, THIS COMPRISES 40% of  my admiration for Hugh. Definitely #husbandgoals. I have a really good man for a husband, but he's just a regular guy. And I really really hope that should he become rich, famous, and movie-star handsome like Papa Hugh someday, he'd still be the same faithful, wonderful husband that he is to me. Cause that's the acid test, you know. Fame and fortune and good looks attract a lot of  husband-snatching beeyatches out there, among other things. Kaya SOBRANG NAPAPABILIB TALAGA AKO sa devotion ni Papa Hugh sa misis nya. (at least somewhat sure ako na hindi sya babaero--  yung possibility na lalakero.. under investigation pa. haha).

I love the way he seems to love her!

Aside from the fidelity thing.. there's also the sweetness thing. He's been very vocal about his appreciation of his wife in  interviews. Who doesn't want a husband like that?

+ He seems like a really loving father to his kids. 

Maybe it's because I'm a mother, but I'm particularly moved by a man who makes an effort to be a good father to his children. Plus 100 pogi points yun for me. For me, being a responsible, loving parent is a measure of a person's character. You can't be a good person if you don't give a shit's ass about your kids. So Papa Hugh has pictures with his kids all over the internet - playing with them, swimming with them, going out to Disneyland with them, etc- but I've seen interviews wherein he talks about his kids and I could see that he likes talking about his kids, and that there's a lot of affection there.

I also like his views about raising children:

"I constantly talk to them about respect and gratitude. I say 'Unfortunately I'm going to be tougher on you than I would be if I wasn't famous, because people are actually going to be less tough on you in life'. In a way they have to be better-behaved, be more respectful, have more gratitude than other ids. I try to keep their life as down-to-earth as possible. I really do." 

Grabe, Papa Hugh. You have your feet on the ground and your heart in the right place.

+ He loves dogs. 
I'm more of a cat person, but if a guy loves dogs, or animals of any kind, that must mean he's capable of caring for something other than himself. But if you're a pet-loving guy and you look like Hugh Jackman, that's plus pogi points times ten. :-D

+He seems like a good son. 
Talking about his father in one of those TV interviews, he broke down in tears (grabe. imagine Wolverine, crying?) He was talking about his mother having left them when he was 8 years old, and how his father became his "rock" and helped him deal with the devastation. Having gone through that kind of trauma, one would understand if he's distanced himself from his mother, but no. He seems to be in good terms with Mum now (IG reveals she visits him every so often and they make her homemade recipes together). No grudges there, it seems. It's hard to forgive when people have scarred you as a kid, but he seems to have done it. Love you even more for that Papa Hugh!

+He has a sense of humor.  
THIS. Nothing like a guy who can laugh at himself. Even better, a guy who can make you laugh. It's disarming. You let your guard down, you instinctively like the person.

Yas, Papa Hugh is funny. Witty, even-- this interview made me LOL a bit!  Also I found this in the youtube baul, and I methinks I was smiling althroughout :-)

+He seems like a REALLY nice guy. 
He seems to be the opposite of intense, angst-y, always-snarling Wolverine. Parang lagi syang good mood when he shows himself to the world. Laging ready for a smile or a laugh. Down-to-earth. Positive. Good-natured. Humble. An easygoing kind of person. Everyone who's ever worked or met him seems to agree-- there's nothing bad one can say about Hugh. (This article on "How to be as Nice as HJ" condenses all that). And those eyes somehow reflect that kindness-- they're the eyes of a happy, grateful person. For this quality alone, this human being has my respect. #charactergoals, bes. Not only do I (occasionally dour, sulky Wednesday-Addams-on-a-bad day) need a person like this in my life... I want to be this kind of person, too. HOW TO BE YOU PO, PAPA HUGH? Crush na, idol pa. Hinakot mo na talaga!

+He appreciates his fans. 
He often video-greets his fans on IG. Always seemingly ready for a photo op or a video greet. Never heard of an incident where he shows anything less than pleasant towards a fan.  (AND I LOVE YOU MOSTEST FOR THIS, PAPA HUGH! Please, come over to Manila. Please pleaaase!)

+He can actually sing and dance--- and he is damn good at both.
One of my most surprising discoveries.  At late ko na rin nadiscover. I think I'd known before that he could sing, but it's rare that a guy as tall as he could possess the nimbleness and grace of a dancer, but he actually does.  I was floored by this video! Lakas makangiti. :-) :-) 

+He is a disciplined professional. 
I've read a lot about people saying he's grounded, disciplined, a true pro, and it does show. For someone to be able to drastically change their physique (not once, but many times) for the job, that says a lot about the guy's self-discipline. I for one, might not be able to do that. I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH. I'M TOO LAZY. (But tell me I'll get at least a million bucks to work it and shape up? I don't know. Maybe). He himself admitted that he had a disciplined, frugal upbringing (PARENTS! we indeed shape our children!), so it's not improbable that part of his character reflects on his attitude towards work. (AND I'M SURE, KUNG NAGING WRITER SI PAPA HUGH, KAPAG MAY DEADLINE HINDI NYA UUNAHIN MAGSULAT NG BLOG ENTRY LIKE THIS!)  So again, Papa Hugh...  #charactergoals. How to be you po? You are a true inspiration. In more ways than one.

+He helps people. 
He and his wife do a lot of charity, but aside from that, parang sya yung tipong Good Samaritan by instinct (haha. of course I can never be sure, but he sure strikes me as someone like that!) Yung tipong, kapag nalulunod ka, ililigtas ka nya. O kapag kailangan mo ng tulong he wouldn't turn you away (a lot like Keanu Reeves, in this aspect!). 

+He's proud of his home country. 
He always mentions Australia every opportunity he gets. He seems mighty proud of his roots. :-) 

+He seems like a smart guy. 
You can tell, not only by the way he expresses himself (very articulate!), but also in what he's actually saying. In most of his interviews, when he's not injecting humor in a convo, he's sharing some life insight, a few words of wisdom :-)  Not kidding, I think I picked up a couple of  life tips. Haha. Here are just a few of my favorites. 

 I believe actually the more you do something, the less frightening it becomes because you start to realize the outcome is not as important as you think. (NAPAISIP AKO DUN AH. IN FAIRNESS. I HAVE YET TO TAKE THAT CHALLENGE, THOUGH. LIKE WRITING THIS SCRIPT EVEN IF I'M DREADING THE DISCOMFORT AND DIFFICULTY I'D HAVE TO GO THROUGH JUST TO FINISH IT)

Becoming a father, I think it inevitably changes your perspective of life. I don't get nearly enough sleep. And the simplest things in life are completely satisfying. I find you don't have to do as much, like you don't go on as many outings. (I CAN RELATE TO THIS! APIR.)

Your wife is always right. Very simple. I think I'm going to get it tattooed on my forehead. (YOU AND MY HUSBAND NEED TO HAVE A LONG TALK ABOUT THIS, PAPA HUGH)

+He seems like your wholesome EveryGuy.
He seems the kind of person na gugustuhin mong mapangasawa ng anak mo (pero hindi ang anak ko, kasi ang layo ng age gap haha). You would want him to be your husband, your son, your father, your kuya, your tito, your bestfriend, your boyfriend, your teacher, your boss. You would want him to be part of your family, part of your circle of friends. Kasi parang ang bait bait nya. Parang ang gaan gaan kasama.  FINE, I KNOW I'M BLINDLY INFATUATED, but if you don't believe me, hear it from his co-actors, Amanda Seyfried and Jake Gyllenhal

+He looks hot. Alpha-male hot.
Dahil kay Papa Hugh, naa-appreciate ko na ang abs at muscles ngayon. :-D And it's the bone structure- the broad shoulders, the tall athletic frame. God was in a good mood when He built Papa Hugh.

I usually find men with softened faces more attractive, but there's something about that face.

The brown eyes that shine when he laughs or smiles. Those perfect teeth (Mygawd, seriously). The Roman nose. How the crow's feet crinkle around his eyes when he smiles. I don't like his Wolverine look. But the Papa Hugh face I lablab much. Parang ang bait bait nya. Parang mapapagkatiwalaan.

my only regret is that i wish i had appreciated Papa Hugh 10 years earlier.  kasi that was his peak. he was the Sexiest Man Alive for People Magazine in 2008. He was at his most achingly handsome then. pakatotoo na ko, kahit ang dami nyang good qualities syempre malaking bagay pa rin yung "He looks hot". haha. Pero kahit na 48 ka na, Papa Hugh, even if your years have started to catch up with you (just a little slightly), I still love you! I don't know for how long, pero sa ngayon, super lablab kita. Heart heart. Mwah mwah.

OKAY. that out, i can now go back to work. hay. :-( i really need to finish this para bye-bye na, current project. bye-bye na for reals.

HUHUHU. I just spent the entire night dredging all this out. Last na ngang script for this show, nagpakapasaway pa. :-(

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